Four Things You Should Know About Property Taxes Before You Buy Your First House

Buying your first house can be a confusing process. You often need to deal not only with the mortgage company, but also homeowner's associations, property taxes, and potential liens on the property itself. Though property taxes are usually fairly low, there are still a few things you should know about them in advance. You Can Get Them Adjusted If You Live in the House If you're an occupant owner -- someone who lives in their house full-time -- you can usually get a very sizable deduction on the amount of property taxes you pay. [Read More]

Why A Growing Business Should Hire Tax Recruiters

Are you starting to expand your company from a small business to a medium or large sized one? Do you now need more advice than your part-time tax preparation agent can help you with? If you need a full time tax expert working for your company, you may be considering putting an ad in your local help wanted section, the same way that you did with your other employees. While that may work for some companies, here are some reasons why you should hire tax recruiters to find your new employee: [Read More]

Avoiding The Penalty On Early 401(K) Withdrawals At Age 55 And Up

Despite the tax penalty, it is not unusual for individuals to withdraw money from their retirement accounts before age 59 1/2. The tax code provides exceptions to the penalty for several qualifying  reasons. Persons age 55 or older who have left their jobs and withdrawn funds from a 401(k) account may qualify for an exception to the penalty. Age 59 1/2 is generally the age at which retirement account funds may be withdrawn without penalty. [Read More]

FAQs For Truckers Filing An IRS 2290

If you drive a big rig, you likely have spent a good amount of time getting special training to ensure that you and your big haul stay safe on the road. You realize and understand that you are sometimes subject to stricter traffic laws than citizens driving a regular vehicle, and you probably put a lot of time and effort into making sure you would pass the test for your commercial driver's license. [Read More]