What Are Some of the Things a Professional Will Do When Representing You During a Tax Audit?

Typically, when you submit your tax return, you don't have to worry about any further correspondence from the IRS. However, in some cases, people find that they have been audited by the IRS. Basically, this just means that the IRS wants to take another look at your tax return and documentation. This can be a scary and tough situation to be in, and ideally, you will want to hire a professional to represent you. These are some of the things that a professional can and will do when representing you during a tax audit.

Explaining Everything

Although you might have heard about IRS audits in the past, you might have never really paid much attention to what they are. After all, you may have never really found yourself in a situation in which you needed to know about tax audits, since this might be your first time being audited. Now, you might have a lot of questions, and you probably want to be sure that you are getting the right answers and advice when dealing with something so serious. Luckily, a professional who provides audit representation for a living should know all of the answers to your questions, and they should be able to explain everything that is happening. This can make dealing with a tax audit a lot less frightening and confusing.

Helping You Gather Documentation

Typically, when you're audited, you will be asked to submit additional information and documentation. A professional can help you determine which documents you need to submit and can help you with acquiring them.

Handling Meetings and Correspondence

You might be asked to go to various meetings about your tax audit, or you might have to call, write, or email those who are working on your audit throughout the process. You might not have to worry about doing this yourself, though, if you have representation. After all, the person who is representing and helping you should handle these meetings and correspondence for you.

As you can see, you can count on a professional to help you in a number of ways when they are representing you in your tax audit. You do not have to deal with your tax audit on your own, and the truth is that you probably shouldn't. Instead, you should find the right audit representation and should work with them in all of the ways listed above. Then, you should be able to take care of your tax audit in the right way, and hopefully, you'll find that the process isn't as tough or scary as you thought it would be.